Friday, March 9, 2012

Giddy On Up, Giddy On Out

It's been a big day.
At 8:00am, I woke up to the sound of rustling bags and distant alarm clocks. I couldn't remember where I was for a split mind still in disbelief that this is happening. Our group got ready in the Encounter house (which I've learned is just like La Vida, people at UNI) and ate a little breakfast. I bought some frozen waffles from Walmart the night before - they were great :) We sat and chatted, then took off for the buses at 9:00.
When we got there, we were checked in at the appropriate bus and separated out. I was shown around The Bone, which is their version of a union, then boarded the bus. We started eastbound and did introductions of the entire bus. After that, it was all chatting. The bus was alive with hellos, how are yous, and what's your names.
And this is how it stayed - for three hours.
I met a million awesome people. Well, there are only 45 on the bus, so I met a bunch :) The core introduced a game called "speed dating," where the people closest to the aisle moved one seat forward when they said to. We got about 2 minutes with each person, and I suprisingly remember a massive amount of names. After that, we had lunch, which was donated by an Italian pizza and sandwich restaurant near Illinois State. The bus core planned for everything, with chips, fruit, and even napkins. It was yummy :)
Still eastbound and about a half hour after lunch, the bus core told us to look around the bus for random letters taped in creative places, such as the overhead compartments, the bathroom, and under seats. Unscrambled:
Yep, we lost the U.
The next two hours were a simple waiting in anticipation of the city ahead. We put in Despicable Me, but I decided to take a nap and chat some more. When we finally arrived, they let us loose for two hours, with an STLF traditional "Giddy - UP! - Giddy - UP! - Giddy - OUT!" And we all giddy out, giddy it? :) Two and a half hours of exploring the city and Ohio State campus.
Is it big, you ask?
Oh, its big.
I got together with a group of about nine people, and with a little beginning confusion, we decided on Barnes and Noble as the first stop. Ohio State was plastered EVERYWHERE. But that's expected, I suppose. We checked out the Union, or as I would say, all of the UNI campus condensed into one building :) The group went to an off-street restaurant called Phat Wraps. They fried the meat (shrimp in my case) with the cheese and the wrap, then you got to add your own veggies. It was super convenient and super good, as little restaurants tend to be.
We were to be back at the bus by 7:30, and everyone was on by 7:29. Yeahhhh buddy! The bus trekked out to the Methodist Church that we'll be staying at tonight. We did a quick serious activity about our struggles and successes with a postsecret type thing, then we partnered up with our Accountibilibuddies. Just sound it out :) We had a quick chat, then the games ensued. Since then, we've been jamming out, dominating Wii Sports, and playing Catch Phrase.
Saying that I'm having a good time is a gigantic understatement. I've met some wonderful people that have welcomed me into the family. I can't wait to know what mysteries are waiting for us tomorrow.
Bring it, Columbus.

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